Check list of basic documents required by KFC for accepting loan application

  1. KFC loan application form duly filled in all respect (Two Nos.)
  2. A detailed bio-data of each of the promoters and co-obligants in the format enclosed. (two copies each)  
  3. Self attested Affidavit on stamp paper worth Rs.100/- showing all personal assets and liabilities of all the promoters and co-obligants in the prescribed format (enclosed) . (original + one copy each)
  4. Two photostat copies of the Acknowledgement of filing Entrepreneures Memorandum (EM) or relevant document from DIC.
  5. Copies of I.T.returns filed by the promoter / co-obligant for the last 3 years (two copy each).
  6. Sanction letter/feasibility certificate from KSEB regarding the required quantity of power and estimated cost of power connection including contribution to KSEB (Two copies).
  7. Last three year's audited balance sheet and profit and loss account of the unit and other all existing concerns of promoters, if any. (two copies).
  8. Letter addressed to bank with whom the promoters are associated, authorizing KFC to obtain confidential information about the promoter from the bank (two copies)
  9. Letter from bank regarding working capital availability. (original + one copy)
  10. Competitive quotations and catalogues for all machinery / equipment's / furniture etc. from three reputed manufacturers / suppliers. (two copies each)
  11. Vehicle / Chassis body quotation from the firm you prefer (two copies each).
  12. Copies of plan and detailed estimate of project building (industrial building / Commercial complex / Hotel Building / Resort / Godown etc.)
  13. Permission / approval, if any required from local bodies for construction of the above said building (two copies).
  14. License from local bodies for starting and running the unit. (two copies)
  15. Project report regarding the proposed project / Scheme / Line of activity.
  16. Two copy of Electoral Identity Card or Passport or PAN card of promoter and co-obligant.
  1. Latest land tax receipt from Village Office (Original + Two copies).
  2. Encumbrance certificate for a period of 14 years prior to the date of application or from the date of present title deed whichever is longer from the Sub registry Office (Original + two copies).
  3. Copies of each of the release documents if any, noted in the encumbrance certificate (original + two copies)
  4. Possession and non-attachment certificate from the Tahsildar in the form attached herewith ( Original + Two copies).
  5. Adangal extract or certified copy of Thandapper Account of the land from the Village Officer or other Revenue Authorities. (Original + Two copies).
  6. Certified copy of the survey plan from the Village Officer with side measurements and all boundary details including boundary Sy. Nos. of all boundaries. (Original + Two copies).
  7. A location plan or location sketch with location certificate of the site showing access from main road showing details of private roads, existing structure, names of owner of the neighbouring land, with boundary measurement and Sy. Nos. etc. from Village Office (Original + Two copies).
  8. Photostat copies of all pages of the original title deeds (two copies).
  9. Photostat copies of the prior (munnadharam or Adiyadharam) title deed. (two copies)
  10. Building tax receipt from Panchayath /Municipality / Corporation. (Original + Two copies)
  1. If the land and building is rented, two photostat copies of the rent agreement on stamp paper worth Rs.50.00 in the prescribed format (Draft rent agreement should be got approved from KFC).
  2. All papers of the plot or shed allotted by DIC or KINFRA (two copy each).
  1. Partnership deed (two copy).
  2. Acknowledgement of firm registration (original + one copy).
  3. Certified extract of the entries in the Register of firms from the Registrar of firm (original + one copy).
  1. Memorandum of Association - (two copies)
  2. Articles of Association - (two copies)
  3. Certificate of incorporation - From Registrar of companies
  4. Search Report - (two copies)
  5 Resolution empowering Managing Director to take loans from KFC - (Two copies)
  1. Application and related documents are to be submitted along with a covering letter.
  2. Application will not be accepted without all required papers.
  3. Project report is required only for loans above Rs.30 lakhs.
  4. Land offered must have original title deed and road access.
  5. The draft Power of Attorney if any should be got approved from KFC before its registration.
  6. If you have any doubt don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Relation Cell.

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